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Do your best to speed Zenas the lawyer and Apollos on their way; see that they lack nothing.” — Titus 3:13

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Funding model

Traditional church-planting models based on middle-income suburban areas require churches become independent in three years.

It’s nearly impossible for most churches in neglected and vulnerable neighborhoods to achieve independence so rapidly. We need new funding models for under-resourced area.

Most churches located inside neglected neighborhoods need 5-7 years to reach independence and larger support levels to do the hard work necessary in their communities.

The Crete Collective provides generous longer-term support to teams serving the poorest and most marginalized communities. We think this is vital for the gospel and healthy churches to take root and thrive there.



We want to obey Titus 3:13 by seeing to it that our new church plants and teams lack nothing when it comes to the gospel work ahead of them.

Our goal is to raise $2 million to plant churches in underserved Black and Brown neighborhoods.

The money raised will provide new churches a multi–year ramp to success in underserved neighborhoods. Your contribution helps provide salaries for church planters, start-up funding for new congregations, training, and other resources for evangelizing and discipling people in neglected neighborhoods.

Your contribution will make the difference in a new church’s ability to serve communities whose residents may not be able to fully support a pastor or ministry.

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Make checks payable to “The Crete Collective” and mail to P.O. Box 10314, Washington, DC 20020

Every contribution counts. The widow’s mite honors God as much or more than those who give from their abundance. And your prayers are priceless!

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Be a part of bringing more gospel churches to overlooked Black and Brown communities.

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